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We're are all completely amazed for the brilliant things we've done in our trip to London. From picture landmarks to hotspots in curious spots, from high art to buskers, from posh restaurants to international street food stalls. We've fulfilled our to-do list and gone beyond with all the surprising things we've done there.



This morning Face 2 Face Theatre Company was back bringing its latest production Hotel Canterville to the Auditori of Torrent.

Strange things have happened. Not because of the ghost but because today a new star has been born at Hotel Canterville: Cristian Jiménez, a drama student of PR4 who has made his début and met success.

On top of this, laughs have been the order of the day since the audience and especially two other students, Mario Gómez (4ESO B) and Victor Jimeno (3ESO B) have participated in this comic adventure.

All this fun has undoubtedly been possible thanks to a magnificent actor and a brilliant actress who have played different roles, set an effective use of space and scenery and used up energy all play long.

Hotel Canterville. 08.02.18


The Rising Star Awards 2017

On Friday 5th May the Rising Star Awards 2017 ceremony was held at El Musical of Alaquas. This year we have commemorated the 90th anniversary of the Talking Pictures, 'Talkies'.

The second edition of these awards honoured the best Instagram video versions of some of the greatest movie quotes of all time, both in English and French.

One more year, the ceremony was hosted by Rafa Martí and Arantza Madrid, but this time they counted on the special collaboration of Goyi Núñez. The three of them immersed us in a multilingual atmosphere from beginning to end, which gave us a rush of adrenalin. Rafa was splendid, his exuberant and hilarious bits along with his reflections on creativity and hard work built up a joyful celebration. Arantza brought every bit of herself and her amusing translations and remarks provoked moments of uplift. Last but not least, Goyi, whose good-natured presence gave the ceremony an outpouring of delight.

The organizers of the event, The Greek, Arts, French and English Departments, would like to congratulate the students who received the highest honours and all the participants.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our colleagues, the teachers who took part in the activity, the sound & light technicians of El Musical and the Culture Department of the local government of Alaquas.





Lights, Camera... Action!

Today the company Face 2 Face has brought romance, action, drama and suspense to El Musical of Alaquàs. Action has made us enjoy the parody of some of the most famous films in movie history. The play has hit the mark with an ingenuous way of using verbal and gestural humour and the participation of some of our students, whose extemporaneous acting has provoked memorable situations.

Next time we meet at El Musical, we will celebrating The 2nd Rising Star Awards with the motto Talking Pictures.

The magic of cinema is in the air!



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