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EcoauditoryScientific Culture students of 4th ESO are working in the ecoauditory, part of the work included in the Erasmus+ project: "Agenda 2030: That's our challenge!"

The topics to be discussed in the ecoauditory, by the students from Italy, Greece, Germany and Spain are: consumption and social responsibility, electricity, mobility, noise, water and recycling.

The organization of work has been the following:

First, the whole group of students taking part in Erasmus+ gathered during the break time and designed a series of question about the different themes above mentioned,

The next step took place in class; in work groups, we selected the questions, translated them into English and uploaded them to the eTwinning forum.

Each center uploaded their questions and we arranged a poll to select five questions about each topic.

Once the issues were selected, we designed some surveys to be passed on to the students in groups of 4th ESO so that we could study the results statistics.

Next, we will carry a study of the data, a comparison with the other centers answers and we will reach our conclusions.

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